october 2013


“Map of Bermuda” by Christina Hutchings

Poets of Bermuda

Edited by Nancy Anne Miller

Pressure Drop – Chris Astwood

Let’s Just Think of Waves – Chris Astwood

Johnny Barnes Gains Critical Mass (Black Hole Approaching) – Chris Astwood

Helmet Sculpture #5 – James Cooper

Snail Shell – Kim Aubrey

Braces – Kim Aubrey

The Ark – Kim Dismont Robinson

The Goodbye – Kim Dismont Robinson

Event Horizon – Kim Dismont Robinson

Happy Banana Tree – James Cooper

Sea Change – Jane Downing

The Stream – Nick Hutchings

Untitled (Bury me under a cedar tree …) – Nick Hutchings

Mujan Me – Deborah Lombardo

Labour Day 2010: Spanish Point Wreck – Michael Jones

Fishing Linescribble – James Cooper

Southlands – Andrea Olivia Ottley

The Fish Pool – Sandra Rouja

Dream Walker – Sandra Rouja

Fine Dining – Alan C. Smith

The Causeway’s Dream – Alan C. Smith

Bermuda Slavery Exhibit 2010 – Wendy Fulton Steginsky

The Bermudas that Called Me into Being – Wendy Fulton Steginsky

It’s Always about the Return – Wendy Fulton Steginsky

Temporary Sculptures – James Cooper

The Abandon of Words – Grace Welch

Beauty – Dane Swan

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